Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

Shopping for the best GIC rates can be time-consuming, especially online, where accessibility issues may arise. Using a deposit broker ensures easy access to top GIC rates in Canada, offering a secure process. GICdirect locates the best rates from a vast network of financial institutions, typically 1% to 1.50% higher than big banks. Their GICs are federally or provincially insured, guaranteeing safety. With locations across Canada, including Victoria and Halifax, GICdirect provides convenient access.

An advantage of using GICdirect is access to GIC rates from various Canadian institutions. GICdirect manages all maturing GICs, notifying you in advance to prevent missed maturities. Unlike major banks, which may auto-renew without the highest rate, GICdirect ensures you always secure the best rate at renewal.

GICdirect, via Monarch Wealth simplifies GIC shopping, providing superior rates, convenience, and proactive GIC management. The deposit broker’s online platform enhances transparency in monitoring your GIC portfolio.

GIC Direct

GICdirect: Best GIC Rates Canada


We track the best GIC rate available in 1 to 5 year terms across multiple institutions.

These rates are good as of July 22, 2024

Today's GIC Rates for Manitoba

GIC interest rates are subject to change. Minimum amounts may apply.

Non-Registered ANNUAL Non-Registered MONTHLY PAY Non-Registered CORPORATE RRSP RRIF TFSA
1yr GIC 5.11% 4.96% 4.97% 4.97% 4.97% 4.97%
2yr GIC 4.84% 4.64% 4.71% 4.71% 4.71% 4.71%
3yr GIC 4.71% 4.56% 4.51% 4.65% 4.51% 4.55%
4yr GIC 4.42% 4.32% 4.42% 4.42% 4.42% 4.42%
5yr GIC 4.42% 4.31% 4.41% 4.41% 4.41% 4.41%
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